About Us

Comtech Location Technologies provides precise mobile handset and IoT device location, messaging, and intelligence solutions worldwide. Our fully virtualized platforms, APIs, and customizable applications enable mission critical solutions in any industry.

Why Choose Comtech Location Technologies?

Our Technology and Solutions

Precise and accurate location estimation and intelligence which Mobile Network Operators rely on for a variety of applications have been the hallmark of Comtech’s technology offerings. Our location and messaging solutions are renowned worldwide for reliability and accuracy. 

Our Experience and Proven Track Record

Mobile network operators, enterprise businesses, government agencies and commercial ventures around the globe have depended on Comtech’s customized solutions to make their processes more profitable, efficient and effective. Comtech has successfully deployed technology in complex network and IT environments and matched customer needs long-term in the most challenging surroundings. 

Our People and Values

Every employee at Comtech is dedicated to quality and supporting our customers. Comtech strives to lead the world in secure, accurate customized solutions for location and messaging technologies. We adhere to the highest standard of business ethics as we create technology with purpose, excellence, and integrity. 

Precise, accurate location solutions customized for your business needs.

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