Global GNSS Reference Data Feeds
from Comtech Location Technologies

Enable your location-based products and services using Comtech’s highly reliable GNSS data feeds.

Our Assisted-Global Navigation Satellite System (A-GNSS) solution leverages multiple Wide-Area Reference Networks (WARN) to provide real-time almanac and ephemeris data for a variety of applications.

The A-GNSS reference data feeds are based on satellite network information from around the world:

  • GPS (US)
  • GLONASS (Russia)
  • BDS (China)
  • Galileo (Europe)
  • QZSS (Japan)
  • NavIC (India)

Partnering with NASA, we gather raw data from a variety of satellites and receivers and generate meaningful location information. This creates efficiencies for mobile devices and location enabling platforms.

How You Benefit from Comtech’s A-GNSS Solution


Location-based platforms and services benefit from A-GNSS data to compute precise location.


Enhances device location performance by improving time to first fix.


Comtech’s A-GNSS solution is used by Mobile Network Operators, Femtocell implementations, SmallCell Gateways, IoT and M2M manufacturers.


Flexible deployment models such as Comtech-hosted or on customer premises.

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