RF Signature Processing (RFSP)
from Comtech Location Technologies

Pioneering machine-based intelligence for RF fingerprinting to provide improved
yield without costly maintenance.

Our RFSP solution offers complementary performance in situations where other location technologies fail for many reasons, for instance, poor A-GPS coverage, device restrictions on allowed positioning methods, and lack of A-GPS capability in the device. This is especially useful in public safety, law enforcement, and a game-changer for commercial applications.

Why Choose Comtech for RFSP?

rf footprint

High Definition RF Footprint

We use machine learning algorithms to build your footprint using information from your RAN, ensuring precisely computed locations.

low expenditure

Low Operational Expenditure

Comtech RFSP eliminates the need for expensive, recurring drive testing associated with other solutions.

multi purpose platform icon

Multi-Purpose Platform

Our solution enables other verticals such as Network Planning, Transportation, City Planning, Retail, Small Business, Event Planning, Advertising, Tourism and Insurance.

  • No constant monitoring of RF model necessary
  • No calibration drive required
  • No traffic generated on operators RAN

RF Signature Processing (RFSP)

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RFSP Solution Brief

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