Location Studio® is a cloud-based platform that delivers customizable maps and content, geo-services, applications, and APIs supporting end-to-end solutions.

For web, mobile, IoT, automotive application developers and chip manufacturers, our location software enables the creation of location-aware solutions with local context.

Locating Anything, Everywhere®

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Comprehensive Suite of Location Technologies and Solutions


A complete map, search, routing, and navigation platform with content tailored to the location ecosystem including points of interest, traffic, weather, and more. GeoSuite supports the ability to import and customize maps as wells as import customer-specific content. By leveraging open-source APIs, GeoSuite enables the development of applications ranging from displays of location on a map to embedded turn-by-turn navigation with custom content and look and feel. 

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Trusted OpenStreetMaps

Location Studio® offers Trusted OpenStreetMaps (TOSM). TOSM is an economical and feature-rich, immersive map experience. It is based on the data built by a local, diverse, and passionate community growing every day and keeping the data relevant. By cleaning, enhancing, and integrating 3rd party data into OpenStreetMaps, our team creates a low-cost solution that can be added to web and mobile applications or any automotive product and connected car environment.

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Positioning Suite

A set of APIs coupled with a cloud-based platform and SDKs provides precise, seamless indoor/outdoor positioning and assistance data services globally for any location-enabled application. Developed specifically to support the needs of low-energy devices and multi-network communications, Positioning Suite delivers telco-grade performance in an over-the-top (OTT) architecture available to many devices.

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Customized Solutions

Location Studio® is the perfect platform for development of customized location-based applications and solutions. Based on two decades of experience building navigation and people locator applications utilized by millions of users, we deliver cost effective, complete solutions tailored to unique customers’ needs. We design our white-label Location-Based Services applications for easy configuration in order to best support customers’ specific content and brand.

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Open-source APIs, Custom Styles and Layers, Custom Content Overlay, Global Maps, Pan / Zoom, Tilt / Rotate, 3D Landmarks, Buildings & Outlines, Layering Control, POIs

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Single Box Search, Full Geocoding Support, Global coverage, Multiple POI Databases, Aggregation, De-duplication, Automatic Speech Recognition

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Real-Time Traffic, Gas Prices, Weather (forecast and Doppler), Local Deals, Ratings

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Precise Locates, Coarse Locates, Geo-fencing, Automatic Alerts, Scheduling, Location History

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Natural Voice Guidance, Route Selection, Traffic, Speed Limits Highway Signs, Lane Guidance, Truck and Pedestrian Routes, Proactive Detours


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White-label navigation, family, and field force locator applications

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Car and motorcycle reference application for Linux and QNX

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Customized tracking and collaboration platform for organizations and public agencies

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Web Portal

Interactive map for display of geographic information and customized content



Client libraries and cloud services to locate devices anywhere across multiple platforms

Precise, accurate location solutions customized for your business needs.

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