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CTAS is Comtech's fully integrated end-to-end WEA solution trusted by alert originators, authorities, and mobile network operators.

Wireless Emergency Alerts, or WEA (formally known as Commercial Mobile Alerts System-CMAS in the US), is a government-mandated system that enables authorized officials to inform the public about life-threatening events by automatically delivering emergency alerts to mobile devices (including roaming users) via the government alert gateway.

Our patented technology facilitates the origination and accurate delivery of geo-targeted emergency alerts, empowering emergency services providers to better serve the public. Mobile Network Operators can quickly broadcast emergency alerts to all devices in a specific geographical area. Our solution fully complies with ATIS and 3GPP standards, ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Comtech offers a complete end-to-end solution to the WEA system.



Components of Our WEA Solution

Commercial Mobile Service Provider (CMSP) Gateway

A secure, concentrated point of access to the Federal Alert Gateway and potentially to other future external entities, third parties, or value-added service providers. This component is also known as Cell Broadcast Entity (CBE).

Cell Broadcast Center (CBC)

Component that maps alert areas into appropriate wireless network coverage and facilitates alert delivery via cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G).

Operation Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Comprehensive element management system to facilitate operations, administration, and maintenance for both the CMSP Gateway and the CBC. This system also includes WEA elements testing tool, cell coverage viewing, and alert area viewing tool.

Features of Comtech WEA

Standard Interface Compliance

CTAS is fully compliant with ATIS and 3GPP specifications, enabling standard connectivity between the IPAWS's Federal Alert Gateway, and mobile network operators' radio access networks.

High Availability
  • Tier-1 carrier grade
  • 99.999% up time
  • Zero downtime upgrade
  • Full local redundancy
  • Multiple sites geo redundancy
Unique Capabilities
  • Comprehensive GUI-based test tool to test each RAN element
  • Comprehensive logging/reporting tool ready for FCC/FEMA eventual audit
  • Consolidated alert report per alert via email or GUI
  • RF shapefile processing for advanced geo-targeting
  • Commercial cell broadcast capability for monetization possibility
Advanced Geo-Targeting
  • Precise geo-targeting with sub-cell based (polygon, circle) targeting based on RF-coverage data shapefiles
  • Cell coverage and impacted alert target area viewing 
Interoperability with Network Equipment Providers
  • Proven interoperability with MSCs, BSCs, RNCs, MMEs, AMFs, and NRFs from multiple core network vendors
  • Support for all radio technologies (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G) 
Platform Features
  • Support all Comtech applications on shared resources and common O&M GUIs
  • Cloud-native architecture
  • Containerized application modules
  • Private cloud/public cloud deployment models support
  • OpenStack and VMWare compliant
  • ETSI NFV standards-based
  • Comprehensive element management system (administration, dashboard for KPIs, troubleshooting, provisioning, alert management- search, test alerts)
World Class Customer Service
  • Easy deployment for tier-2 and tier-3 mobile network operators
  • In-network or hosted in modern data centers
  • 24x 7x 365 operational support
Robust Security
  • Access control, role-based permissions
  • Spam prevention, encryption
  • Denial of service attack mitigation
  • Proactive penetration testing

Why Choose Comtech as Your WEA Solution?

  • FEMA-certified in US
  • Multi-channel alert delivery
  • Automated processing of cell site data changes
  • Reduced risk and implementation costs
  • Rapid implementation of WEA on your network
  • Easy handling of requirements specified by local regulators
  • Supports all RAN types
  • Flexible deployment, operations, and business models as per the providers’ requirements
  • Reduces cost of CAPEX and OPEX
  • Support for alerts in multiple languages
  • Enterprise and carrier grade
  • Flexibility for various message handling scenarios
  • Assured interoperability with centralized government alert gateway such as FEMA Gateway for the US and Pelmorex NAADS for Canada

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