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5G from an Industry Leader in Location

As 5G is rapidly becoming available around the globe, the importance of “cloudifying” network components and functions is going to be a major differentiator. The combination of 5G and latency-sensitive applications will fuel the progress towards virtualized, distributed cloud infrastructure.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are currently focused on adding capacity. As we move towards cloud-native networks, service assurance becomes more important to create new 5G revenue streams.

Comtech’s 5G offerings address the challenges around virtualization, system integration, and service assurance to enable MNOs to spin up new services confidently.

5G Services from Comtech

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Step 1:


  • 5G Business Case
  • Use case-based Design
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Step 2:


  • Migration Strategy
  • Go to Market
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Step 3:


  • Automation
  • Professional Services

Global location and messaging solutions customized for your business needs.

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