How Comtech Location Technologies is Addressing COVID-19

Comtech Location Technology and COVID-19

We are in front of a unique challenge today with the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent impact to society. To the extent we can, we are working hard to contribute to efforts in containing and slowing the pandemic. In this technology era, information is critical to make effective and timely decisions to enable the public safety ecosystem to tackle this crisis.

In conjunction with the Federal Communications Commission’s pledge to Keep Americans Connected, CLT is working with our customers to negotiate alternative pricing plans and contract terms for location technology and messaging services. We are keenly aware this is a difficult time for companies large and small and are making every effort to continue providing uninterrupted service despite enormously increased demand.

Primary care and treatment for chronic conditions has become even more complicated in this time of social distancing. To assist our nation’s healthcare community, CLT is updating VirtuMedix®, a telehealth solution that keeps patients, caregivers and medical providers connected remotely.

The foundation of CLT’s solutions is location, navigation and mapping technologies. Our technologies can passively track devices to identify virus clusters, observe traffic of impacted individuals, enable targeted messaging to broadcast emergency alerts and anonymize data to protect individuals. We stand ready to partner with organizations of any size who need these technologies to further their fight against the coronavirus and ensure public safety.

Finally, CLT has provided employees the equipment and resources to continue working remotely and safety throughout the duration of this pandemic. As our most valuable resource, our employees’ safety will ensure continued productivity for our customers.

Comtech has a unique and critical responsibility in the pandemic response to provide location and messaging technologies to protect citizens and organizations from the virus. I take this responsibility very seriously. Our most urgent priority is the safety of coronavirus victims, healthcare workers and the public.

We are at our best calling as a society when we come together around a common mission. I’m heartened to see the mobilization of individuals and organizations around the world--with governments, businesses, mobile network operators and individuals going above and beyond to fight against this pandemic. We are in this together and will continue to do all we can to protect lives and get the world through this crisis.

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